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EICR for Holiday Parks & Campsites
why holiday parks need an EICR
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EICR inspection of moblie home supply & electric meter

EICR for Holiday Parks & Campsites

In the UK, campsite & holiday park owners are legally obliged to ensure an in-date EICR is always in place.

This thorough inspection and testing procedure improves the safety of guests & staff while monitoring the condition of electrical installations reducing the risk of unplanned maintenance. This covers everything from sockets, switches, and protective devices to wiring and earthing.

Why is EICR testing crucial for campsites and holiday parks?

Campsite grounds and holiday resorts are particular settings that call for careful thought when it comes to electrical safety. These locations are particularly high risk due to a number of characteristics, such as the usage of temporary electrical equipment, exposure to the elements, and the possibility of damage from visitors or wildlife.

You can make sure that your electrical systems are secure and compliant with current standards by doing routine EICR testing. This safeguards not only your visitors and employees but also your company against any legal and financial repercussions in the event of an electrical mishap.

Whats Involved?

Visual Inspection - In this step, your electrical installations are thoroughly visually inspected to look for any indications of damage, normal wear and tear, or any other potential problems that don't comply with modern EICR standards.

Testing - After completing the visual examination, your electrician will conduct a series of tests to determine the state of your electrical installations. Testing for polarity, insulation resistance, and earth continuity are a few examples of what may fall under this category.

Reporting - After the inspection and testing procedure, your electrician will put together a thorough report explaining any problems that were discovered and offering suggestions for how to fix them.

Remedial Work - Your electrician will collaborate with you to create a strategy for dealing with any concerns identified during the EICR testing procedure. This can entail making improvements or repairs to your electrical installations.

Holiday Park EICR Frequency

How often you require an EICR depends on your electrical inspector's judgement; however, holiday parks & campsites should not exceed 3 years between inspections.


EICR testing is a vital step in ensuring the safety of your visitors and employees when operating a campground or holiday park. You can safeguard your company and provide a fun and safe experience for your visitors by doing routine testing and fixing any problems that are identified.

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