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What Do You Want Out Of Your EV Charger?

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Starting with the most basic, 13Amp plug chargers are not the right choice for the vast majority of electric car owners, it can be helpful with emergency little top-ups to get you out of trouble but with some electric vehicles taking over 24hrs to complete a charge & some serious safety issues, this is regarded as inconvenient at the best of times for most electric car owners.


Type 2 chargers; this tends to be the standard used in domestic home EV chargers; typically in 3.7kW & 7kW.

3.7kw home charger provides about 12.5 miles per hour of charge.

7kW home charger provides about 25 miles per hour of charge.


Home charging is the most cost-effective & convenient way to charge your electric car; plugin when you get home & you’ll wake up to a fully charged car in the morning & rarely have any need to charge away from home.

Load Management

An electric car charger point with load management will monitor the current being used at any time at the residence & will adjust how much current is used to charge your vehicle, charging happens at a full volume whenever there's enough capacity.


Having a load management system connected to your electric car charger point will protect your main cut-out fuse from overload, this makes it possible for people with smaller than standard intake capacity to still have a 7KW charger or even allows for multiple electric car chargers at one residence.

PEN Fault Protection

Electric car chargers with built-in PEN fault protection, do not require an Earth Rod or a separate expensive PEN protection unit to be installed.

Wi-Fi & Ethernet Connectivity

Electric car chargers that use your internet connectivity is a must for people wanting smart features out of their EV charger.

Smart Chargers

Check your charging status on your phone, schedule charging for a cheaper tariff time & even control your charger with Alexa!

Tariff/Scheduled Charging

Tariff & scheduled charging allows you to control & even automate getting the cheapest possible rate out of your charges, you can plug your car in when you get home, decide what percentage of charge you want to start every day with & using integration with your energy provider your car will charge for the lowest possible cost over night ready for use each morning.

Tethered Or Untethered

Simply do you want your electric car charging point with a tethered lead you can plug straight into your car when charging or an untethered one that requires a lead to be plugged between your EV charger & your electric car?

Solar Charging Indergration

Get miles directly from the sun!


The cost of your electric car charging point varies on your choice of EV charger, what's involved with your installation & if any other improvements are needed before a safe installation can be completed.

It takes 2 minutes to book a quote with us on the phone; its free with no obligation to buy.

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So, What Would You Like Out Of Your EV Charger?