MyEnergi EV Charger Review: The Best Way to Charge Your Electric Vehicle

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The world of electric vehicle (EV) charging is changing fast, with the newest launches becoming increasingly sophisticated. When it comes to choosing an EV charging solution, solar chargers are often the first pick for their self-sufficiency and cost-effective benefits.

One such brand offering an innovative and safe EV solar charger is MyEnergi.

MyEnergi offers a range of intelligent, solar-powered vehicle charging solutions for your home. The brand provides clean, efficient, and highly customized solutions to suit the ever-evolving needs.

Here’s an in-depth look at the UK’s first solar EV charger and the different ways in which the brand stands out today.

What is MyEnergi?

Launched in the UK in 2016, MyEnergi offers a range of solar-powered charging products for electric and hybrid vehicles. What started as a team of 6 individuals has grown into a workforce of 350 and expanding.

Striving to ensure cutting-edge research focused on environmentally friendly technologies, MyEnergi is at the forefront of renewable and environmentally sensitive technology development and manufacturing in the United Kingdom.

With the aim to make it easy and convenient for drivers to charge their electric vehicles, the brand offers charging solutions compatible with different types of vehicles.

Zappi: MyEnergi’s Solar-powered Electric Vehicle Charger

Zappi is an innovative and intelligent EV charger. Apart from serving as a regular electric vehicle (EV) charger, this device offers extra charging modes that utilize energy obtained solely from renewable sources, such as solar photovoltaics (PV) or wind power.

The charger is desigend to optimize ease of installation and operation, which also ensures that your solar panels and the EV will deliver a greater return on investment (ROI). What’s more? Even without solar panels, the zappi charger can still function as a regular electric car charger by receiving electricity directly from the grid.

The zappi has a charging capacity of 7 kW single-phase and 22 kW three-phase, with charging speeds of 3.6 kW single-phase and 11 kW three-phase. Most automobiles with battery capacities less than 60 kWh may be charged in roughly 9 hours using a 7 kW zappi.

The charger is available in tethered as well as untethered forms and is compatible with all EVs in the market today.

Notable Features:

1. Adaptive Charging Modes

While renowned for its solar charging, zappi offers other modes for your convenience. This smart EV charger uses 100% green energy from your wind or solar PV generation. You can also use zappi as a standard EV charger by using grid power if you don’t have solar panels installed.

2. Three EV Charging Modes

Make the best of zappi by switching between its three charging modes to help reduce your grid dependency as well as reduce your energy bills and carbon impact.

eco charging

A combination of green energy and grid energy, the eco mode can charge solely using green energy. It consistently adjusts the charging power based on the changes in power generation or power being used at other ports in the house.

eco+ charging

This charging mode reduces power consumption from the grip by pausing in case of too much power being used. It will only continue once surplus free power is available.

fast charging

This mode charges your EV at maximum power as it can use power from the grid or a renewable source of energy.

3. No Earth Rod Required

The only EV charger with a built-in protective neutral and earth (PEN) fault technology, zappi offers ease of installation and as well as in-built protection. It can be considered one of the best and safest options for an EV charger as it does not need additional earth rods to be installed, thus eliminating extra costs.

4. Manage Your EV Charger Remotely

zappi can be managed using the myenergi app through you can access and manage your devices regardless of where you are. The app is intuitive and provides visual graphs to check your charging data and allows you to use boost functions.

5. Pincode Protection

zappi has an integrated 5-digit pin code security feature that you can use to prevent others from using, tampering, or changing the settings of your solar EV charger.

6. Optimize Charging By Setting timers

zappi is designed with the consideration that “time of use energy tariffs” at specific hours are significantly cheaper. So, you can use zappi’s “boost timer” option to charge your EV when the rates at the lowest!

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Other Products by MyEnergi

While zappi is the only charger by MyEnergi, the brand does offer a number of extras to connect to your charger and optimize its function. In addition to the chargers, MyEnergi offers a range of market-leading charging solutions for electric vehicles, hybrid EVs, and other clean vehicles.

Here’s an overview of some more products that MyEnergi offers for your solar charging needs.

Eddi is a solar power diverter that allows you to save money on your monthly electricity costs. It does this by diverting any extra energy your wind generation or solar PV generates away from the grid and back into your home’s heating systems. This system enables you to control how much electricity you take from the grid.

Eddi comes with a grid current sensor, also called a current transformer (CT) clamp, that oversees your power generation and redirects the excess energy to your heating devices.

Eddi can also be used with energy storage devices like battery walls, so you can store the excess energy to use later if you do not need it right away.

Harvi is a wireless energy sensor that eliminates the need for direct CT clamps to install zappi and eddi, saving money and time.

This device allows MyEnergi devices to be fitted without the need for a hardwired current transformer, which also eliminates unsightly wires that can take away from your home’s décor.

Through harvi, you can check your home’s energy consumption data and maximize the usage of self-generated electricity. To optimize your energy consumption, you can keep track of the energy supplied by the grid and the amount of power generated on your property and exported to the grid.

Harvi employs proprietary technology to accurately report your energy output and consumption, allowing your other devices like zappi and eddi to make the best energy decisions for you and the environment.

MyEnergi also offers a range of accessories that you can use with zappi, eddi, and harvi.

The hub, for example, is a handy device for times when you do not have built-in ethernet or WiFi. You can use it to connect with zappi and eddi to remotely monitor your products.

Some other accessories by MyEnergi include CT clamp, eddi rely and sensor board, zappi pedestal.

Why Opt For MyEnergi Devices

By integrating efficiency and convenience into their products, MyEnergi offers an exciting and efficient new way to optimize sustainable energy consumption.

Their products, especially the EV charger, can also benefit your electric vehicle’s performance, such as longevity.

Here are some of the highlights that the band offers.

Reduced Electricity Usage

MyEnergi EV home charging solutions enable you to put excess power to greater use. If you produce more energy than you consume, the brand’s energy diverter will allow you to divert the energy elsewhere within your home, such as for heating. This minimizes your electricity bill while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Easy Installation and Easy Use

MyEnergi’s products are easy to install and require no special maintenance. The charger especially offers great ease of use — it is as simple as plugging in the device and connecting it to your charging port.

MyEnergi also offers the option of charging your EV more conveniently without the hassle of wires or any other electrical installation.

Eco-Friendly Products

MyEnergi is a brand that believes in leading toward eco-friendly solutions by providing innovative, intelligent, safe, eco-smart products. All their products are fitted with smart technology to control your energy consumption.

Smarter Energy Usage

MyEnergi’s products are designed to help you save time and money. Their products provide the necessary information to generate energy-efficient decisions that save money in the long run.

Manage Your Energy Consumption Anytime, Anywhere

MyEnergi provides a mobile application to give users the ability to monitor and manage the energy consumption of their home charging solutions. This free mobile application is available for both Apple and Android and can be used on both smartphones and tablets.

Bottom Line

The Myenergi EV charger is an innovative and energy-saving way to charge your electric vehicle. Having a home charger for your vehicle can allow you to charge your car anywhere at any time, ultimately increasing the longevity of your battery life.

With the Myenergi chargers, you can keep a track of your vehicle’s charging needs as well as how much energy you have used or produced. Moreover, the effortless installation of these devices makes them worth the time and effort to try out.

Currently, My Energy EV chargers are not sold by many major electric companies such as EE and OVO as they were not initially marketed to the general public. However, this can be expected to change in the near future as the brand continues to evolve and broaden its market.