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We offer free no commitment quotations where we'll meet you on-site, go over your EV charger needs, offer advice & recommendations with easy to understand electric car charger selection breakdowns to ensure making an informed decision is a simple stress-free experience.

Unlike many other providers, we're not tied to any electric vehicle charge point provider & simply recommend what best suits you, your household, current electrical installation & budget.

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#3 We Have Hypervolt, Omhe, ICS & Sync EV Approved Installer Status!

Electric Car Charging
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Robert - Torquay

EV charger installed ahead of time, neat & tidy! Advised me on what EV charger to go for on my survey at home, electrician Jack was knowledgeable and professional.

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Angie - Teignmouth

Excellent work done ..cleaned up afterwards , reliable . Reasonable rate ..altogether 5 * service ...

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Andy - Newton Abbot

Obtain Electrical Services, arrived on time, efficient and tidy work - polite tradesman.

The Installation

Our mission is to leave a trail of quality electric vehicle chargers behind us, from quality materials, quality installation & quality assurance from proper inspection & testing creating a quality outcome for our customers Torquay & Devon.

We take the time & effort to install cable runs, protective equipment & EV chargers in the best possible manner; this can involve anything choice of cable runs to the quality & safety of fixed electrical equipment.

Maintenance & After Care

Beyond the installation, we're here to keep your electric car charger running with planned & reactive maintenance & diagnostics should you experience any issues down the road.

A Few Charge Points We're Fond Of!

SYNC EV charge point

Sync EV SP 7.4kW


Key Factors

Discrete Yet Appealing Design   -   Tariff Sycnrisation For Maximum Savings   -   Smart Yet Compact

Sync EV claims that this is the world’s smallest home charger. The design is pretty straightforward, glossy finish, simple yet appealing. Standing at 187mm high by 112mm wide and 90mm deep, it’s a smart, little charge point packing the same 7kW charge power that's become the standard for home charging & a few smart features that stand out with Sync EV users.

The light ring colour indicates your charge status. You can just take a look and see whether it’s charging, on or off - or alliteratively you can check up on your vehicle's charge from your phone at any time through the app.

Sync EV can be synced with your electricity provider & auto magically schedule your charge at the times of the cheapest possible tariffs.

Say you've just got home & your next journey will be tomorrow morning at 08:00, you plug your car in, tell the app what time you're next driving & how much total charge you require in your vehicle. Your Sync EV charge point will then communicate with your energy provider, calculate the most cost effective times to charge & have it ready for you while multiplying your savings every day.

This can even be set up to match your weekly schedule, adjusted anytime to suit you or just be put into plug & go mode if you just want maximum charge time.

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Zappi home EV charger

Zappi V2 7kW


Key Factors

Built By Industry Leaders   -   Smart Appearance   -   Meets Highest Quality Standards

This awesome car charger is made in the UK by myenergi an innovative EV charging company based in Grimsby, Lincolnshire. They have had a lot of positive press from users & installers alike & is one of the most well-known brands in the UK.


This is one of the most advanced electric car chargers out there available in tethered & untethered variations, with built-in cable storage that should also help with maintaining your charger leads!

The Zappi also has an LCD display with buttons to cycle through functions & information on your charge or where the energy is coming from.

People seem to like the Zappi EV charger for a number of reasons as it's an excellent EV charge point, with its smart design, solar capabilities & user-friendly app it suits a lot of electric car owners.

Home EV charge point

Ultra Home 2.0


Key Factors

Automatic Updates   -   Flashy As Hell   -   Meets Highest Quality Standards  

The Hypervolt Home 2.0 is a charger that stands out from the crowd with its LED status ring and backlit logo. It’s a premium product, made in Britain.

With party mode & connectivity with Alexa, there is plenty to attract those into their technology & raving in 'party mode'. But it’s not just flash for the sake of it, Hypervolt has innervated the future of EV chargers.

With its onboard computer, your EV charger is adaptable for the future with a lifetime of automatic system updates & a long list of smart features.


The light is multi-coloured to tell you what your charger is up to. For example, blue means it's in standby mode, green means it's charging, and purple means it's charged; helpful should you want to know the status of your charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone install an EV charger?

Qualified electricians with the usual requirements can legally install home chargers; however, it’s best to use an electrician that also has specialist qualifications & experience.

What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 EV chargers?

Type 1 plug is a 5-pin design & Type 2 has a 7-pin; Type 2 is the current standard electric vehicles are designed to be used with.

Do all electric cars use the same charger?

While all cars don't have the same charging connector, there are not many types to consider & most are Type 2 plug ins.

Should I charge my electric car overnight?

EV charging overnight is both cost effective when on an electric car friendly plan with your electricity provider & helpful for the demand on the county's electricity grid.

With a smart charger, you're able to plug in when you get home, let your charger know how many miles you want by your chosen time & your charger will achieve this at the lowest possible rate, maximising your savings from going electric.

Which Electric Vehicle Charge Point Is Best?

This is something to be figured out at the time of your quotation.

Your individual needs, that of your property & your budget are all factors in which EV charger is best for you.

Being free from any ties to EV charge point manufacturers we offer unbiased recommendations & design around your needs.

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