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Fuse boards are big part of what we do, with Surge protection fitted as standard on new domestic fuse boards & Type A RCBO with both commercial fuse board changes & domestic.

We're set you up to the current standards to put you on the right side of the regulations for years to come, leaving our mark across Devon homes & businesses with fuse boards completed to the highest standard.

If you're in need of fuse board work in Torquay or Devon or have any queries for us we're always happy to help.


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The fuse board is a unit that protects electrical circuits from overloads, short circuits as well as a number of other faults by controlling the amount of current flowing through it.


This is done by breaking an electric circuit when an unsafe condition develops, preventing damage to the circuit and downstream equipment.

A modern fuse board will also protect from electrical arcing, in order to massively reduce the risk of fire, detect leakage in the mA through RCD protection & SPD devices to protect life & property from overvoltages.


The fuse board is an important part of any home or business's power distribution system.

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