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Why to you need an EICR?
EICR testing at a consumer unit

Top 6 Reasons to Need an EICR

Common Reasons for an EICR

Private Rented Property

Rental properties in the UK require an in-date EICR at all times.


Maintaining your in-date certificate improves safety, reduces the risk of electrical fires, reduces the risk of unplanned loss of power or maintenance, avoids the risk of fines & complies with building insurers' standards.

Business Premise

Businesses also require an in-date EICR certificate for the protection of employees, customers, members of the public & property. In the UK, ignoring this requirement can carry legal action & possibly cause insurance to be invalid.

Property Sales

An EICR for a property sale is subject to an agreement between the buyer & the seller; doing so has become increasingly popular as a means of protecting those purchasing property from unknowingly taking on a property in a dangerous electrical condition.

Holiday Lets

Holiday lets need an EICR for the protection of their guest & compliance with legal standards.

Insurance Requests

More common with high value & high risk properties, insurers utilize EICRs to reduce risks within a property.

Healthcare Facilities 

With the added risks involved with vulnerable people who may be unable to make an emergency exit in the event of an electrical fire an EICR is an essental proventive measure.

Landlord EICR
Commercial EICR
Propery sales & EICRs
Holiday lets & air b&b EICR
Insurance requests & validation from EICR
Health care & care homes EICR
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