EICR Electrical Safety Certificates 

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Benefits Of Using Us

#1 Competitive Pricing With No Fees For Retests! 

#2 Electrical Certificates Issued Day Of Inspection! 

#3 We're Fully Qualified, Accredited & Insured! 

Take The Hassle Out Of Your Electrical Safety Certificates

All electrical certificates are conducted by fully qualified electrical inspectors with expert knowledge in establishing a satisfactory certificate.


Whether you are a landlord, a business owner, going through a property sale or just want to check the safety of your home's electrical system we pride ourselves in going beyond others in the industry for our customers.

We can make arrangements with tenants, site contacts or letting agents, we are always happy to pick up the phone & save you the job of multiple calls tirelessly being the middle man.

We can pick up & drop off keys if it means saving you unnecessarily coming out of your way.

We hold some short notice slots each week at no extra cost for those that need them in a hurry.


We don't just give you a certificate with endless test results & defect codes; like a riddle, you don't need. We provide you with easy to understand notes, so you get the information you need without being bogged down with a report only an electrician would understand.

We issue certificates on the day of inspection, so you know there's no need to wait for a 'paperwork day' to receive your certificate.

And, lastly, we work around you, with minimal disturbance being a key focus during any electrical testing, especially in commercial environments where time is money & downtime is money lost.

Experts in electrical compliance; we offer all your legal electrical certificate needs. From EICR reports, fire alarm testing, PAT testing & emergency lighting reports it all starts with a quick call or email to us!

What's The EICR All About

Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) or as they're otherwise known as, the 'electrical safety check', the 'landlord electric check', 'electrical safety certificate', the list goes on: is as the many names suggest, a safety focussed report of the condition of a given electrical installation and a judgment against the regulations at the time of the report.

Any property can have an EICR conducted however rental properties, business premises, generally anywhere open to the public are required by law to keep an in date EICR certificate; this is also recommended when purchasing a property.

The last thing you need after months of viewings, solicitors fees, and packing boxes is to find that your new abode's electrics are not up to scratch! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need EICR if I have EIC?

There are cases you can be exempt from having an EICR with a property that ordinarily requires one.


If the EIC is for a new build or full house rewiring, you're exempt for five years (or less depending on the type of property) after the issue date. You also need to inform tenants & provide them with a copy of the certificate.

Can any electrician do an EICR?

No one should carry out electrical inspections unless they're qualified & accredited to do so, this is not something every electrician hold.


The EICR itself is a legal document; in a worst case scenario if someone is injured or you need to make an insurance claim following damage from an electrical fire you must be able to rely on the competency of your inspector.

Should I get an electrical certificate when buying a house?

It's advisable to do so, that way you can avoid any surprises like faulty or unsafe electrical conditions.

It can also be beneficial for those selling a property as an in date EICR is a plus in the eyes of potential buyers.

How much is an electrical installation Condition Report?

Prices start from £95 for domestic electrical installation condition reports & commercial can vary greatly depending on a number of factors.

More information on prices can be found below.

Is an EICR the same as an electrical safety certificate?

Typically yes, the EICR has picked up a few unofficial names; "landlord safety certificate", "the 5-year check", "electrical test report" & the list goes on. 


The EICR is the formal inspection of the condition of the fixed electrical installation of a property.

What is the landlord's safety check?

A “landlord electrical safety check” usually refers to an EICR inspection, when a qualified inspector tests the electrical installation in a rental property to make sure all is in safe working order.


However, depending on the property, this may include other electrical testing like fire alarms, PAT testing & emergency light testing & reporting.

What does a home electrical check involve?

The inspection involves testing tests to determine the conduction of the fixed wiring & some equipment at the property, as well as tests to determine proper function of switch gear & safety devices & a visual, looking for potential hazards & non-compliances with current standards.


In addition to testing and inspecting fixed electrical installations, the electrician will also make any immediate hazards safe. For example: wiring, plug sockets, light fittings, fuse boxes and electric showers.

Electrical Certificate Codes

How The Report Works

EICRs are conducted by our Torbay local electrical test engineers in the following format:
An onsite visit may be required to get an idea of what will be involved in a report at your required location, however, for domestic properties providing details like property size and/or the number of circuits can remove the need for an onsite visit ahead of your inspection. For most domestic properties you'll have one fuse board with a sensible number of circuits allowing for a quotation based on the property size, as listed below.
Next, an inspection will be conducted purely on matters of safety, this will involve testing of the fixed wiring at your property. Your inspector will be looking to see that the electrical installation is in a safe condition through a variety of tests. A visual inspection is also be conducted during the EICR, this will include looking at a great number of things like cable sizes, suitability of fixed electrical equipment, checks for bonding to utilities etc. 
After you will receive a certificate, either satisfactory and nothing further is required or unsatisfactory, improvements are required. Usually within 14 days of the report.
Defects discovered fall into 3 categories:

C1, C2, and C3. 
C1's are defects too dangerous for the inspector to leave for a later date, so are dealt with immediately. 

C2's are mandatory improvements required in order to receive a satisfactory report. 

Lastly, C3's are minor safety issues, it's common to have a number of these on a condition report. Improvements are advised however are not required in order to gain your satisfactory report. 

A great resource for breaking down each defect and associated code is the NAPIT book Codebreakers.

Once any necessary improvements are rectified you will receive your satisfactory EICR electrical certificate. 

Frequenty Of Electrical Certificates

Frequency Of EICR Certificates

How regularly the EICR is required depends on the type, use of the property, and, if applicable changes in tenancy.

5 years

Rental properties are required to pass an EICR every 5 years or change of tenancy.
Also 5 years is required for commercial premises, hospital general areas, public houses, educational establishments, churches, community centres and any form of accommodation.

3 years

Required every 3 years for industrial sites, leisure complexes, caravans, theatres, agricultural and horticultural sites.


Annually required Electrical Installation Condition Reports for cinemas, caravan parks, launderettes, swimming pools, fish farms, fuel stations, and marinas.

Every 3 months

With construction site installations every 3 months is required.

These are subject to change so before making any decisions on when or if you require an EICR ensure you give us a call or check with a relevant professional.

Electrical Testing Cost

Electrician Takes Card Payments

The cost you can expect can vary in part because what's involved has the potential to be so varied, with the number of circuits and different types and uses of a site being a major factor.

Domestic EICR certificates are cheaper due to the reduced challenges involved; commercial and industrial inspections, often require a site visit to give a reasonable estimate. However, we work on a £12 per-circuit basis for commercial EICR, so giving us some information on property size and/or circuit numbers can remove the need for an on-site survey ahead of time. 


So What Is The Cost Of An EICR

Below we've broken down our prices for your peace of mind.

Domestic Property EICR Prices

Carrying out a domestic inspection will usually fall between 2 to 5 hours, with 1-hour off-site writing up the report. All Prices Are Including VAT.


EICR Electrical Certificates Rate

Studio Flats.....

One Bed Properties.....

Two Bed Properties......

Three Bed Properties.....

Four Bed Properties.....






These prices cover the vast majority of properties however, properties with excessive circuit quantities being over 10 circuits for 1 -2 beds & over 16 circuits for 3-4 beds are subject to a charge of £9 per additional circuit.

Commercial Property EICR Cost

AKA commercial and industrial; these are more complex for inspectors, not to mention often incredibly varied in their requirements. However, in most cases, we offer business premises EICR certificates on a £12 including VAT per circuit basis.

Business premise's electrical certificates are more costly than domestic ones. They require greater organisation/time during an inspection, as businesses have more complex requirements, more complex circuit distribution and require inspectors and staff to work around each other to ensure the business continues to run smoothly during its electrical inspection.


Our aim is as much as possible to leave businesses running without a hitch during inspections.


Landlord/Rental Property EICR Electrical Certificate

Property Electrical Certificate

Landlords require an in date EICR certificate for the safety of their tenants, reduced risk of electrical fire & property damage, a legal demonstration that you have maintained safe electrical conditions & increasingly insurance compliance purposes.


We make the process easy for landlords, lettings agents & tenants by organising each element of the process direct with those applicable.


Domestic rental properties require an EICR every 5 years or a change of tenancy. 


The cost is dependent on the property size; a full price list can be found above.


Some rental properties could also require PAT testing if there are portable appliances not belonging to tenants, fire alarm testing & also emergency lighting testing. We offer all these services, making managing your property's electrical compliance easy!


EICR For Property Sales

Rented Property Electric Certificate

EICRs for property sales is down to an agreement between the buyer & the seller, doing so has become increasingly popular as a means of protecting those purchasing from unknowingly taking on electrical troubles & settling any concerns on both sides.


In most cases following an EICR for a property sale issues found by the report are rectified at the cost of the seller, following this the new owner can move in knowing their new abode is electrically safe & in working order.

For frequency, it's recommended a fresh EICR is completed ahead of the sale completion.

The cost is dependent on the property size; for commercial properties, it's £12 per circuit & a full domestic price list can be found above.

Electrical safety testing is a necessity for all electrical installations.


It is the responsibility of the person or organisation in charge of a commercial property to ensure that it is safe and will not cause any harm to anyone.


The importance of electrical safety testing cannot be overstated as it can save lives, prevent people from getting hurt & prevent incidences of electrical fires.


Do you have a business open to the public or employees?


We conduct EICR's with your business in mind, taking precautions to minimise affecting business as usual!

Electrician Testing Wiring

EICR Certificates For Commercial Propertys

Hotel Electrical Certificate

EICR For Hotel & Hospitality Industry

Hotels, B&B's, mobile home rentals, air b&b's, restaurants, event venues, takeaways, clubs, bars, pubs all require an in-date EICR report, as well as regular fire alarm, PAT & emergency light testing.


Keeping up to date with your electrical compliance provides your business legal protection against various risks, the EICR aids in the prevention of injury from faulty electrics, helps prevent property & fire damage as a result of faulty electrics & meets the requirements set out by an increasing number of insurers.

Testing your electrics also allows for the detection of issues with your electrical system so they can be dealt with by planned maintenance; as opposed to sudden unexpected loss of power or worse.


Hospitality premises require an EICR every 5 years.

Beautician & Retail industry EICR

Shop Electrics

Retail, beautician & other high street businesses also require in date electrical certificates for an in date EICR, fire alarm testing, PAT testing & also an emergency lighting report.


All are available to be booked together from us!


We offer the same flexibility for testing, with minimal possible disturbance as we do for all businesses, keeping you open & running effectively for your customers while keeping your electrical maintenance & safety up to date.

Most high street shops require an EICR every 5 years.

Healthcare & Care Homes EICR's

Care Home Electrical Safety

Safe electrical conditions in healthcare environments have perhaps more importance than any other industry, with unwell & vulnerable patients potentially being unable to make a safe exit in an emergency situation unassisted.  


Regular electrical safety checks must be performed like EICR reports, as well as regular PAT testing, fire alarm & emergency light testing.


All these electrical compliance tests can all be booked through us saving you money by booking together & time not needing to contact a number of contractors. 

We take care to minimally disturb & maximise data produced from inspections.

While medical areas are to have EICR inspections annually, with non-medical areas every 5 years.

EICR's For Employee Work Spaces

Office Electrical Safety

Offices, warehouses, ports & any other places of work also require an in date EICR to be maintained. 


With an EICR electrical certificate, your building's electrics can be checked to prevent problems, risks to safety & fire from faulty electrics.

Many work environments also require fire alarm, PAT & emergency light testing; all available from us!

A full list of business premises & they're testing frequency can be found above.

Fully Quilified Electrician

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