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What is an EICR?
EICR Torquay
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EICR Electrical Testing & Certificates Torquay

Electrical standards and awards
Electrical standards and awards

Torquay EICR certificates for landlords, businesses, property sales and insurance validation

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EICR Electrical Safety 
Certificates Torquay

All electrical inspections are conducted by our fully qualified electricians with expert knowledge in establishing your satisfactory EICR report in beautiful Torquay & surrounding areas.


Whether you are a landlord, a business owner, going through a property sale or just want to check the safety of your home's electrical system, we pride ourselves in going beyond others in the industry for our customers.

Frequently Asked

Who needs an in EICR certificate?

There's a legal requirement for privately rented properties, business premises & any building open to the public to have an in-date report.

EICRs are also regularly utilised with property sales & safety concerned homeowners.

What are you looking for on an EICR?

The EICR comprises of:

1/Visual inspection, this involves checking for damaged or incorrectly installed equipment & comparing the installation to current regulations in regard to safety.

2/Testing your fixed wiring & protective devices, gathering data on the overall condition of your electrical installation.

This includes checking for safe continuity readings, safe levels of current leakage (electricity escaping circuits) & safe function of protective devices like RCDs.

Should I get an electrical inspection before buying a property?

It's advisable to do so; an EICR will test the condition of fixed wiring & protective equipment, preventing any nasty surprises from unsafe or deteriorated electrics.

It can also be beneficial for those selling a property as an in-date EICR is a plus in the eyes of potential buyers.

How much is an electrical installation Condition Report?

Prices start from £175 for domestic electrical installation condition reports & commercial can vary greatly depending on a number of factors.

More information on prices can be found below.

electrical inspection of a Torquay rental property

How the EICR Works

Electrical Certificate Codes

Planning for Your EICR

An onsite visit may be required to survey what will be involved in an EICR at your property; however, for most domestic properties providing details like property size or circuit quantity can remove the need for an onsite visit ahead of your inspection. 

Inspection should be scheduled for a time that allows for power to circuits to be isolated without too much disruption.

Inspection & Testing

Next, an inspection will be conducted purely on matters of safety; this will involve testing the condition of fixed wiring as well as protective devices & other electrical equipment at your property. Your inspector will be looking to see that the electrical installation is in a safe condition through a variety of tests.

Getting Your Certificate

After inspection, you'll receive an EICR certificate, either 'satisfactory', meaning no further action is required or 'unsatisfactory', meaning improvement work is required, work is recommended within 14 days of the report.

Defect Codes

 C1's are defects too dangerous for the inspector to leave for a later date, so are dealt with immediately. 


C2's are mandatory improvements required in order to receive a satisfactory report


Lastly, C3's are minor safety issues, it's common to have a number of these on a condition report. Improvements are advised however are not required in order to gain your satisfactory report. 


A great resource for breaking down each defect and associated code is the NAPIT book Codebreakers.


Once any necessary improvements are rectified you will receive your satisfactory EICR electrical certificate. 

Frequency of Testing

Frequenty Of Electrical Certificates

How regularly you require an EICR depends on the type & use of a property, and, if applicable, changes in tenancy can affect your testing frequency. The following are the maximum time frames the UK government deems acceptable.

5 years

Rental properties are required to pass an EICR every 5 years or change of tenancy.
Also 5 years is required for commercial premises, hospital general areas, public houses, educational establishments, churches, community centres and any form of accommodation.

3 years

Required every 3 years for industrial sites, leisure complexes, caravans, theatres, agricultural and horticultural sites.


Annually required Electrical Installation Condition Reports for cinemas, medical areas, caravan parks, launderettes, swimming pools, fish farms, fuel stations, and marinas.

Every 3 months

With construction site installations every 3 months is required.

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