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FuseBox review

FuseBox Review

Whether you are an electrician looking for the best products to work with, or a layperson who needs some circuit protection work done at their house, this is the article for you.


Fusebox offers a wide range of electrical products, but what makes this brand stand out is its quality and value for money. Read on for specifics about how and why Fusebox became UK’s favourite circuit protection brand.

What do they do?

Fusebox is a UK-based company that manufactures circuit protection for domestic use & will soon be releasing 3-phase products too. The company was established in 2017. After their launch, they quickly became leaders in the industry.

What they offer

Fusebox has a wide range of products that they offer, including Consumer Units, RCBOs, AFFDs, Surge Protection, and other accessories. Let’s take a closer look at each one of these.

18th Edition Wiring Regulations

The 18th Edition Wiring Regulations in the UK have provided guidelines for how electrical systems must be designed. This applies to all new installations, as well as alterations to existing installations. Fusebox has designed all its newest products to meet the requirements of these guidelines and complies with every term.

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Consumer Units

Fusebox RCBOs
AFDDs from fusebox
EV charger switch gear
SPD from fusebox

Fusebox offers a wide range of consumer units, all the way from size 2 to 30. The majority of their consumer units also come with SPDs (Surge Protection Devices). This is an added layer of protection for the consumer unit, which helps it last even longer. The consumer units that do not have SPDs built in, have designated space allotted to fit an SPD in.


Fusebox’s Consumer Units are an electrician favourite. They are praised for the generous space allotted for wiring which makes the job easier and more efficient. The build quality of the product is also top-notch. The Consumer Unit also comes with a full installation pack, including a bus bar and a grommet strip. This helps in separating circuits and provides extra space. Using Fusebox’s Consumer Units will help you save money down the road as you won’t have to keep replacing and renewing the fitting.


RCBO stands for Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker. It is used as a safety measure to protect the installation and use of electrical circuits. Fusebox includes two options in their range of RCBOs, both style A.


Their Double Pole Mini RCBO is known to be more compact and easy to install. The installation time is also greatly reduced in comparison to Mini RCBOs from other brands. Their second style is called the Single Pole RCBO. It is cost-effective and perfect for those on a budget, who don't want to compromise on quality.


AFFD stands for ARC Fault Detection Devices. These devices are installed in Consumer Units and are used for their protection, to prevent arc faults from occurring. This is Fusebox's newest addition to its range of products.


Fusebox has used the newest technology in these products and incorporated microprocessors to provide protection against harmful arc faults. The range offered is vast, from 6A to 40A. The best part about these AFFDs is that you can retrofit them into any Fusebox Consumer Unit you already have installed in your home.

EV Distribution

EV stands for Electrical Vehicle. These EV Distribution boards are now made by Fusebox as standalone units and are made for charging traction batteries. They help provide an extra layer of protection for your house.


An added benefit of purchasing one from Fusebox is that these EV Distribution boards can be added to new installations or those that are already present at your house. These boards have multiple elements, such as the fact that they are provided with 100A Main Switch. You can also choose to add in Surge Protection or a Double Pole RCBO.

Surge Protection

The 18th Edition Wiring Regulations require surge protection in all new installations, and alterations were done to existing installations. All Consumer Units designed after the 18th Edition incorporate Surge Protection in them.


For those who have Fusebox Consumer Unit installations already in their homes, the company offers a retrofitting of Type 2 SPD Kit, which includes a set of cables and a 32A MCB. However, it is understandable that not every person will have Fusebox Consumer Units installed in their homes. For those people, Fusebox offers installation of standalone Consumer Units that can be installed into the home, regardless of what company’s fuse board has been previously installed

Type 2 SPD Kit

This Kit offers protection for your Consumer Units. The new design only uses one slot in the fuse board. This is especially helpful if you want to attach other devices to the board.


The Fusebox Type 2 SPD Kit is an electrician's favourite, but it is especially helpful if you want to do the installation yourself, and do not have much experience doing the job. This is true as it comes with a complete instruction manual, along with flag indications which will allow you some insight into how the device is doing.


Fusebox has a vast range of high-quality products that they offer for your home, but that's not all. They also offer accessories such as 12v transformers, a clock, tail glands, and flush mounting frames.

Consumer reviews

Fusebox offers multiple products at extremely affordable prices, but they don't compromise on quality. They make sure to stock up beforehand, so you are never left waiting for their products to become available again. Their five-star rating by customers can be found on their website too.


Fusebox has only been around for a couple of years, but they constantly raise the bar for all the other brands out there. Their product quality stays consistent and reliable, and they have quickly won over the hearts of all the UK-based electricians.

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