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Portable Appliance Testing

PAT Testing
Torquay and Surrounding Areas

Electrical standards and awards
Electrical standards and awards
PAT testing at a torquay hotel bar
PAT testing at a holiday let
PAT testing at a rental property

What Is PAT Testing?

Portable appliance testing, or PAT Testing, is a way to check the safety of electrical appliances. We’re testing for safe working order by performing visual inspections and electronic testing, which are not always possible if the appliance is not operational.



A PAT technician will inspect, test and advise whether the appliance should be used or discarded to prevent the continued use of dangerous electrical equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Landlords Need To PAT Test?

Electrical items in rented properties not belonging to the tenant need to be in a safe condition; the responsibility of which falls onto the landlord.

Who Needs PAT Testing?

All places of work, public buildings, hotels & rented accommodations tend to have the health & safety of employees and the wider public to consider; this includes electrical equipment.


Because of this, any building that's not for purely private use & that has any electrical equipment could benefit from PAT testing. However, any items belonging to tenants or guests can be excluded from testing.

PAT testing is the easiest & most legally recognised way to demonstrate that you have maintained as much as possible safe electrical equipment.

Why Is PAT Testing Important?

PAT testing helps to reduce the risk of injury from electrics, reduce incidences of fire from faulty electrical equipment & demonstrates legally that precautions have been made to avoid these outcomes.

PAT testing can also be necessary to maintain certain insurance policies.

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What Is PAT Testing
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How Often Do You Need To PAT Test

How Often Is PAT Testing Required?

Offices, Shops & Hotels

Between 48 & 12 months, depending on the type of equipment; with handheld equipment requiring testing every 12 months, most businesses require PAT testing annually, even if not all items are tested annually.


Between 48 & 12 months with class 1 items now requiring annual inspection.


All 110V equipment used on construction sites should be tested every 3 months.


Between 12 & 6 months.

Public Use Equipment

Between 12 & 6 months.


PAT Testing For Torquay & Paignton

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