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The most common reasons to fail an EICR
Risk Mitigation
Compliance Requirments
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Top 5 Reasons to Get an EICR For Home Insurance

Your home insurance provider may provide increased premiums if your property has no EICR cover. Some high value properties even require EICR's in order to stay covered. Here are the benefits of getting an EICR for home insurance.

#1 Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation: An EICR is similar to an electrical system health check for your home. It involves having a licenced electrician carefully inspect the wiring, switches, sockets, and other electrical parts for any indications of deterioration or failure to adhere to safety regulations. Homeowners can lower their risk of electrical fires, shocks, and other safety issues by taking preventative measures as soon as possible after discovering such hazards. Because properties with current EICRs are thought to be lesser risk, insurance firms often provide cheaper premiums to those who take these proactive steps.

#2 Compliance Requirements

Homeowners are frequently obliged by provisions in their home insurance policies to keep their properties safe and compliant. A vital component of this requirement is electrical safety, and many insurers now demand that homeowners produce documentation of their regular electrical inspections, like an EICR. In addition to meeting the requirements of their insurance policy, homeowners can protect their coverage in the case of a claim by obtaining an EICR and making sure safety laws are followed.

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#3 Preventive Maintenance

Frequent EICR inspections are necessary for preventive maintenance of the property's electrical infrastructure in addition to fulfilling insurance obligations. Age, wear and tear, and changes in usage patterns are some of the reasons why electrical installations might deteriorate over time. Through the use of an EICR, homeowners can detect any problems early on and take immediate action to remedy them, avoiding minor issues from growing into significant electrical failures or safety threats. These preventive steps are valued by insurance carriers because they reduce the possibility of expensive claims and property damage.

#4 Liability Protection

An up-to-date EICR can be quite helpful in safeguarding the homeowner's rights in the sad case of an electrical-related incident occurring on the property. The report acts as official proof that, at the time of assessment, the property had a comprehensive electrical inspection performed by a licenced specialist and complied with safety regulations. This paperwork, which shows that the homeowner takes reasonable precautions to ensure electrical safety and reduce the danger of accidents or injuries, can be extremely helpful in minimising responsibility claims.

#5 Peace of Mind

In addition to satisfying insurance requirements and reducing risks, getting an EICR gives homeowners confidence about the integrity and safety of the electrical system on their property. One can feel more confident about the general safety and dependability of the property knowing that a certified electrician has inspected the electrical installation in detail and verified that it complies with safety regulations. In addition to being extremely beneficial for the personal well-being of homeowners, this peace of mind also makes the property more appealing to insurance companies, which may result in more affordable insurance rates and coverage possibilities.

Preventive Maintenance
Liability Protection
Peace of Mind
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